K-12th grade Annual Tuition is $7,500 per year. There are no additional educational fees at Legacy Academy. This price includes the annual deposit, individualized curriculum, apparel package, record keeping and annual reporting.

Minimal costs for field trips or a few special projects per year that are on a class by class bases.

Tuition Cost Breakdown

  • $7,500 (price includes the annual deposit)
  • $500 annual deposit due 10 days after your receive your acceptance letter for the upcoming academic year.
  • School year contracts are signed when deposit is paid, ensuring your child’s registration for the upcoming school year.

Payment options are available upon request

  • monthly payment plan is $700 per month from August 1st-May 1st.

*Legacy Academy is not a Direst Pay for Step Up for Students. However, we do have families who are successfully reimbursed for their tuition fees.