Legacy Academy 4-7th grade

Our 4-7th grade class is the perfect transitionary classroom to prepare students in the later part of their elementary career and those entering the middle school years. We love that this program provides safety and security for students during this sensitive years. Mrs. Cole does a great job preparing our students to enter the 8-12th grade high school program.

Diane Cole, M. Ed. is our 4-7th grade teacher.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of education, Diane Cole has worked with all ages from preschool to adults.  Diane earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Central Connecticut State University, a Masters in Special Education from Liberty University and certification with the National Institute for Learning Development  (NILD) as an educational therapist.  It was during her work as an educational therapist that Diane saw the need for an alternative type of program for students who struggle in the regular classroom.  Diane decided to go back to the classroom herself and work with these special students.  Diane is able to use her classroom experience as well as her educational therapist training to provide the highest level of mediated learning and differentiated instruction for her students.  Her educational approach is designed to accommodate each student’s style of learning while remediating where necessary.  Diane encourages learners to be self-motivated, independent, self-advocates who capitalize on their strengths and understand their weaknesses.