Legacy Academy K-12

Legacy Academy offers individualized education to students in small class sizes. Our school functions more like a large family than a traditional school environment. We believe this method of education benefits the students the most as children are exposed to a variety of ages and learning styles in the same classroom. This also allows our students the ability to work above or below grade level depending on their unique abilities.

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K-3rd Grades

K-3 is the place where our students begin their academic career. It is in this age group that the foundational skills for their future educational experience begin. Our student’s skills are assessed on a quarterly bases and parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education. Students

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4-7th Grades

In our 4-7th grade program students become more independent and take an active role in their educational experience. This is a sensitive age and Legacy educators work with students to help prepare them not only academically but emotionally for success in high school.

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8-12th Grades

It is our 8-12th grade program that is the final stop for our students before beginning their adult life. It is our goal in the 8-12th grade program to prepare our students for success in higher education or their chosen vocation. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, community involvement, local government, dual enrollment, or vocational training.

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Farm School

Our mission statement “Education of Today, Learning of Yesterday” is brought to life when students have the opportunity for weekly visits to our private farm for hands on learning and enrichment activities. Our farm school program offers students the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom through real life application and training. Students have the opportunity to see learning come to life at Legacy Farms of Lake County.

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