Legacy Academy K-3rd grade

Welcome to our K-3 Program

Legacy Academy K-3 offers an educational environment students might not be provided in a traditional school setting. Allowing our younger students the opportunity to learn alongside our older students provides them exposure to an inclusive environment that encourages student leadership, teamwork, and social experiences. At Legacy Academy our students function like a large family rather than a traditional school, students stay with their class for a number of years rather than moving each year and starting over with a new teacher and new classmates.

We believe early childhood education should be centered around play, family, and togetherness. Young children should be spending the majority of their time learning outside of the classroom with their families. While reading, writing and math are important; hours upon hours do not need to be spent studying these subjects. Whether students are enrolled in our full day program or our hybrid program we provide all students the opportunity for real life, hands on learning, outside of the traditional classroom at Legacy Farms of Lake County. Our K-3 class attends Legacy farm school once per week.

Mrs. Hannah Ethridge is our lead K-3 teacher. We are so lucky that she picked Legacy Academy to begin her educational career. Mrs. Hannah’s enthusiasm and love for her students makes her an excellent addition to the Legacy staff.

Hannah was born and raised in Central Florida with both of her parents being teachers in Lake County Schools, teaching comes naturally to her.

Hannah recently married her high school sweetheart, Jarred. Hannah and Jarred have two fur babies, Remy and Dolly.

Hannah’s favorite subject to teach is science! Mrs. Hannah loves coffee and teaching!

Legacy Academy offers two enrollment options for our K-3 program

Enrollment Options for K-3rd grade students

  • Monday-Friday, 8-2pm
  • Low Student/Teacher Ratio means focused attention for your child in a small class environment.
  • K-3 includes a daily focus in; reading, math, and writing, science and social studies.
  • Students have the option for additional private music lessons that can be schedule during school on Friday with our Music Teacher, Mrs. Becky
  • Quarterly Progress Assessments
  • Regular Parent/Teacher Communication
  • Daily Special Electives including; computer, art, music, physical education, and library/writing lab.