Legacy Academy values the importance of teaching student’s about history, we find great lesson we can learn by studying the past. While simultaneously recognizing the importance of teaching students using technology and preparing them for the future.

Legacy Academy (K-12) registration is open now for the 2022-2023 school year!

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What makes Legacy Academy K-12 program unique?

Parent/Teacher Collaboration

We believe that parents should have the opportunity to be involved in their child’s education. We encourage collaboration between teachers and parents while allowing students to grow in their independence and accept their own responsibility in their academic success. Legacy Academy educators take the time to hear parents concerns and work with them to meet the needs of the students.

Student Centered Lessons

Legacy Academy K-12 offers small class sizes so that students needs can be met based on their individual academic abilities. Students working above grade level are able to work at an accelerated pace- keeping them challenged and excited about learning. Students working below grade level can receive the extra attention they need in this unique learning environment with qualified and experienced educators, tutors, and mentors.

Quality vs Quantity

Our quality vs quantity approach to teaching means students will not have hours of homework after school, they will not have unnecessary testing, or extended times sitting in class. Our educators value the importance of hands on learning for all ages. We value the quality of our students learning experiences.